About the kennel

We invite you to the dog kennel of the Central Asian Shepherds and the Turkish Kangalas "Alashir"!

Our institution has been officially registered in the FCI system since 2006, although the first thoroughbred Central Asian Shepherd, thanks to which the idea to found a dog kennel, appeared, was bought a little earlier – in 2004.

We cooperate with the most famous breeders, professionally engaged in breeding of these dogs on the territory of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Ukraine. If you want you to have a reliable home security guard, a friend and even more – a new member of the family, we suggest you buy a puppy of the Central Asian Shepherd or the Turkish Kangal.

Our pets

The guard dogs of such breeds live in the dog kennel "Alashir":

  1. Alabai (representatives of this variety are also called Uzbek Buribasars and Turkmen Wolfhounds). This breed is one of the oldest. Its formation took place for more than four millennia in the territory, covering the space from the Southern Urals to Afghanistan, from the Caspian Sea to China. Dogs of the breed Alabai are the descendants of ancient Tibetan and fighting dogs of the nomadic peoples of the Mesopotamia. Their character was tempered in the fight against predators, so these dogs are strong and fearless.
  2. Kangal (also known as the Kangal Karabash, the Turkish Wolfhound). It is another old breed, the origin of which is shrouded in secrets and legends. The territory of its origin is Eastern Turkey. The founders of the Ottoman Empire brought the ancestors of these animals to Anatolia, in connection with which their descendants were named Anatolian Kangals. By nature they are less aggressive than other wolfhounds, more energetic and hardworking. Dogs of the breed Kangal haven’t changed for hundreds of years, remaining in the purest form. The Turks consider these animals to be a national treasure, so they regulate their breeding at the government level.

Visiting our kennel, you will admire the beauty of its inhabitants, their charm and intelligence. Choosing one of the puppies, you will be imbued with love for him, and this deep feeling for your new friend will remain in your heart forever.

How is the life of pets?

We don’t have the goal of breeding too many animals. The kennel of Alabai and Kangal breeds contains so many inhabitants, how many we have the opportunity to give due attention, provide the necessary care. So:

  1. There are no enclosures, all dogs live in conditions of free-range walking within a large territory, which helps them maintain their excellent physical form and strong health;
  2. Pets live in one flock, in which puppies have the opportunity to learn from adult relatives;
  3. Cooperation with one of the major veterinary clinics of the Kyiv is established, its specialists help us monitor the health of dogs;
  4. Planned vaccination of puppies with a high-quality vaccine of American manufacture is carried out.

It means that you can buy a dog in the kennel, healthy and strong, with a stable psyche, excellent exteriors, provided with a certificate of origin (puppy's FCI metric), as well as a veterinary passport about vaccinations and a chip.

Despite the fact that we don’t set a goal to participate in exhibitions for the receiving titles, there are also titled producers among our pets – champions of the club, breeds and such countries as Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Ukraine.

How to buy a dog?

Our dog kennel is located in the Kiev region in Kiev-Svyatoshinsky. You can visit it personally, by prior arrangement, to buy a puppy of Alabai or Kangal, by evaluating the conditions in which the animals live.

We also provide the opportunity to choose a dog, having familiarized with the photo and video materials on our website, by contacting us via Viber, WatsApp, Skype or by e-mail. Your new friend will be delivered to your address within the period specified by you.

You can choose and buy a puppy of Kanlag or Alabai at the age of 1 month, but you can pick it up only when it is 2 months old, after full vaccination. Too early excommunication from the flock will negatively affect the formation of the behavior and character of the animal.

Please contact us at the address indicated on the website. We are glad to cooperate with you and will be happy to answer all your questions.

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